Safety Policy

The management of Naqa Iron Foundry (NIF) believes in design and implementation of safety instructions to ensure protection of its staff, its property, the public and the surrounding industries from accidents and possible implications of occupational hazards.

  1. Management, working in compliance with safety rules enforced by safety legislative bodies of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA),  will strive to take responsible steps to reduce workplace hazards to as low as reasonably achievable.

  2. Supervisors and managers are held responsible for the safety of all employees under their supervision, which includes appropriate follow-up on reported safety concerns, and execution of recommended remedial action.

  3. Every worker must protect his or her own safety by working in compliance with the law and with safe practices and procedures established by the company.

  4. NIF is committed to providing all necessary training and instruction to ensure that appropriate work practices are followed on job, and to promote their use off job.

  5. If necessary, NIF will take disciplinary action where individuals fail to work in a safe manner, or do not comply with applicable policies and procedures.

Safety in the workplace is in the best interest of all parties as commitment to safety should form an integral part of this organization.